Judith Plunkett

Festive Magic From the Page to the Screen

It’s the time of year when people everywhere are dusting off the fairy and dressing the tree. There’s a mad rush at the shops for those must have presents and time seems to fly by faster than ever. By the time Christmas Eve arrives Santa’s sherry is at serious risk as the Christmas rush catches up and you need a little pick me up before the big day.

Reflect With the Greatest War Poems on Remembrance Day

It’s important to remember that Remembrance Day, or Armistice Day, is not just about wearing a poppy; although that is important to a lot of people. The day itself is about a wider remembrance, as the name suggests. It’s a day when people in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth remember those people who have given their lives during conflict over the years.

The Lure of the Gothic Novel on Halloween

Long before the slasher movies and tales of teen terror, that have become a staple of Halloween nights across the globe, there were the original gothic novels.

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